101 More Duct Tape Activities Tape It & Make More

101 More Duct Tape Activities: Tape It & Make More

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Just when you thought you'd seen everything there is to possibly do with the sticky stuff, we're here to wow you once more with 101 incredibly smart and useful projects for turning your average roll of duct tape into: 

  • Accessories: earrings, hats, slippers, a bow tie!
  • Housewares: pillows, a planter, a shower caddy!
  • Bags: a satchel, a toiletry bag, an IPad case!
  • Toys: kites, Frisbees, disguises, a hand puppet!

Who would have imagined that you could make all this and more with duct tape? Dive into this ingenious and additive project guide today and unroll your creative side.