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Joliet The Snoop and the Stuck Truck follows the escapades of Joliet, a young girl blessed with extraordinary sleuthing skills.

Want a sneek peak? Read below:

My friends and I were riding our bikes from our neighborhood to downtown. We would be sophisticated and visit this new art museum that had just opened.

"Do you think they would have prints for us to buy?" Suzy Booth asked, popping a wheelie.

"I'm pretty sure they do," Louise Edison answered as Suzy whizzed past her.

"Move over, you guys. There's a truck coming from behind us," Vanessa Madison said.

We all moved over – except for Suzy; she kept going.

"She can't hear us," Stephanie Loftis said. "Hey, Suzy! Move over!"

The truck driver passed us but couldn't pass Suzy as she was still in his way. He started honking his horn, and I screamed for Suzy to move over. She finally did, just before the truck narrowly missed her. We all laughed and continued our way downtown.

"You trying to get yourself killed?" Pebbles Mason asked, peddling faster to catch up with Suzy.

"What? I was trying to have some fun," Suzy retorted. She steered her bike over to the side of the road and waited for the rest of us to catch up. "It's not like anyone was going to get hurt. That truck driver was probably just impatient."

I had to admit she had a point there, but that didn't mean I wanted to take any chances. We all knew how dangerous it could be to cross busy streets like this one without paying attention. Cars and trucks whizzed by us, sometimes getting too close for comfort.

We made our way downtown, taking in the sights and sounds of the city.

We heard a loud boom as we rounded the corner to the street where the art museum was located.

"What was that?" my twin sister, Juliet Wright, asked.

My cousin Mya Lanier pointed to the overpass ahead. "It looks like a truck ran into it."

"Let's go be nosey," Suzy said, peddling towards the overpass before popping a wheelie.

We headed over to investigate and saw that a truck had crashed into the overpass. It was the same truck that had passed us a few blocks back. The driver was out of the truck and appeared to be okay, but the damage was done. The concrete of the overpass had been cracked, and chunks were missing. Cars below were stuck in traffic, their drivers getting out to see what had happened.

I walked over to the truck, studying the problem. It was wedged in tight, and there was no way it was coming out without some help.

"It's stuck," he said, frustrated, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket. "How the hell am I going to get it from under there?"

My friends stood around giving him suggestions, but I knew none of them would work.

"I know how to get that truck from under there?" I spoke up.

My friends and the truck driver all turned toward me.

"How?" Pebbles asked.


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