• Has The Recession Gotten To You Too?

    As the global economy continues to sputter, more and more couples are finding themselves dealing with the stresses of financial insecurity. For man...
  • Teens Who Loves Mysteries

    Do you have a teen in your life who loves mysteries? If so, Joliet The Snoop is the perfect gift!
  • Thrilling New Book Series for Teen Readers

    Joliet The Snoop is a thrilling new book series for teen readers, written by Jackie Marie.
  • A Girl and Her Friends Who Love Solving Mysteries

    Joliet The Snoop is a young adult book series about a girl and her friends who love solving mysteries.
  • Engaging Mystery Perfect for Tweens

    With a cast of characters that includes high school students, computer hackers, and cheerleaders, these stories are packed with action and adventure.
  • Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: Friend or Foe

    When we got to Samantha's house, she led us up to her bedroom. She walked over to her top dresser drawer and pulled out six envelopes.
  • Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: Partners In Crime

    “Honestly, I think we should be asleep, not chasing some kid around town,” she said as we followed her up the stairs.“I agree,” Juliet answered.

  •  Sneak Peek of Joliet The Snoop

    “Let's put the boxes over there.” I led the way over to the dark corner I saw earlier. We both sat our boxes down. Creak. “What was that?”
  • And I Made a Vow Not to Take Any Shit From Anyone This Year

    Josie had decided that she would not put up with the same crap this school year that she had to deal with last school year.
  • Joliet The Snoop - Just Say No!

    The city that Joliet and her friends live in is having a drug problem, and that problem is starting to creep onto the campus of Bates High School.
  • Joliet The Snoop and the Brown Shoe Bandit

    The school principal has been attacked. Who is the attacker? Is it the Math Teacher? The Class President? The school bully? Or someone else?
  • Joliet The Snoop - The Grade Changer Part 2

    The girls of The Detective Service think that they have figured out who The Grade Changer is - and his handiwork is  good.