Looking for a mystery to solve? Check out Joliet The Snoop! 


This awesome team of sleuths is made up of Joliet Wright and her friends, and they're the perfect people to help you crack any case. Whether you need help finding a lost item or investigating a crime, these talented teens are ready and willing to lend a hand. 

Below is a sneak peek of what to expect:


The raft was moving steadily down the river, my friends and I carefully watching the banks for any sign of danger. Suddenly, one of them spotted something strange.

"Look!" Pebbles Mason exclaimed, pointing to a group of blue stones lying in the water. "What could that be?"

My friends and I peered at the stones and then exchanged puzzled looks. None of us had any idea what could have created such a sight.

Just as we were debating what to do, the raft bumped into something under the water. We all lurched forward, barely preventing ourselves from falling into the river. When we looked down, we saw a large metal box hidden beneath the surface.

The excitement was immediate as we realized that this must be the missing stones that were stolen from the museum.

“We did it you guys,’’ Louise Edison said. “We were able to solve this before the police could.”

“This must have been the way the thieves got away. Who would ever have thought to look for them on the water?” my cousin Mya Lanier said.

“And that would explain why they couldn’t locate them or the gateway car on the street cameras,” my twin sister, Juliet Wright said.

Vanessa Madison and Stephanie Loftis high fived each other. “And this is an international story with the media all over it. We’re about to be super famous,” Vanessa said.

I hadn’t even thought about that. This was an international story as the police originally speculated that a group of international thieves were responsible for this. “Wait a minute you guys,” I said raising my hand. “We didn’t solve the case; we only found the jewels. If we want to truly solve this case, then we need to find out who the thieves are.”

My friends were quiet as they realized that I was indeed correct. This case was not completely solved….yet.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started solving it today!

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