Sneak Peek of Joliet The Snoop

 Sneak Peek of Joliet The Snoop

“Let's put the boxes over there.” I led the way over to the dark corner I saw earlier. We both sat our boxes down.



“What was that?” I asked my guard, rising again.


“Joliet, it's the floor. It's ancient,” Pebbles answered. “Come on, let's go back downstairs.”


I followed Pebbles to the other side of the room with my hand running against the wall. Just then, my hand came across a piece of paper.


“Pebbles!” I called.




I took the paper out of a little drawer on the wall. I walked over to Pebbles and ushered her to follow me downstairs. When we got into the light, we looked at the paper. It was a.....


“Treasure map,” we both said at the same time.


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Joliet The Snoop
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