• Joliet The Snoop the New Kid Mystery-Solving Book Series

    Joliet The Snoop is a kid mystery-solving book series about Joliet, an outfitted detective in the making who sleuths around town. 

    Not only does she have tons of cool gadgets to help her along the way, but she also has resources to go up against cold cases with major stakes!

  • From Hissing Cats to Secret Admirers, Get Ready for All Your Sleuthing Needs in One Place!

    Joliet is a curious, spunky 14-year-old with the ability to solve any mystery. She’s got a 100% success rate - no case goes unsolved!

    From hissing cats to secret admirers, get ready for all your sleuthing needs in one place! Just pick up this tween mystery booklet today and let Joliet The Snoop show you how it's done.

  • From Farting Cows to Missing Spoons Teens Will be Talking About This Book for a Long Time

    A crime mystery for the streets of Joliet, Illinois! In Illinois, with a population of 146,000 people, Joliet The Snoop is on-the-go to crack teenage mysteries, from farting cows to missing spoons.
  • Watchdog

    Tito is a dog that grew tired of living in a kennel and acting as a "watchdog" for a gangster.

    But when Joliet found herself in the middle of two separate mysteries, she set out to find out who was behind it all - or snooping around the neighborhood! 

  • Find Out Who Killed the Movie Star in This Interactive Book Series Filled with Intrigue and Mystery

    The latest in teen young-adult fiction, Joliet The Snoop, is an interactive book filled with intrigue and mystery to solve. Find out who killed the movie star, unlock the secret of the feline influenza coverup, or singlehandedly wipe out the rat infestation by finding their headquarters.
  • Help Catch a Serial Killer on the Loose Around Town

    Explore mysteries with your favorite teen tween! Catch a serial killer on the loose around town, pull a prank to make everyone laugh again, search for some important papers on an old man's any moment, you could be thrown into a mystery of epic proportions!
  • Our Favorite Cheerleader has Been Kidnapped!

    Bates High School's favorite cheerleader is kidnapped by the school's rival. That means it's up to Joliet and her friends to find out who did it.
  • Your Crime-Solving Sidekick

    My name is Joliet, and I'm back on the case. And do you know what that means? That you're stuck with me as your crime-solving sidekick.
  • A Girl and Her Friends Who Love Solving Mysteries

    Joliet The Snoop is a young adult book series about a girl and her friends who love solving mysteries.
  • Take a Break and Unwind with Joliet The Snoop Book Series

    Every tween needs to take a break from their everyday lives and unwind. When you're done reading Harry Potter, The Baby-Sitters Club, Encyclopedia Brown, etc., the Joliet The Snoop mystery book will help solve mysteries in your hometown!
  • Meet Some of the All-Star Members of the Detective Service—They’re Really Something Else!

    Joliet The Snoop is a sleuth from the burbs, so she knows how to find icky clues when you need them.
  • Quirky Detective for Tweens

    Joliet is a quirky detective for the pre-teen set. Along with her friends, Joliet is on the case to help solve mysteries around town.