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14 Ways to Save Money (ebook)

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Standard benefits:

  •  Learn how to save money on groceries, entertainment, and more.
  •  Get tips for slashing your expenses without making significant changes.

Emotional benefits:

  •  Feel good about being financially responsible and in control of your life.

Topics Include: 

  • How to Save on Insurance
  • How to Save on Auto Loans
  • How to Save on Mortgage Loans
  • How to Save on Credit Cards
  • How to save on Gasoline
  • How to save on Car Repairs
  • How to Save on Home Improvement
  • How to Save on Home Heating and Energy
  • How to Save on Major Appliances
  • How to save on Furniture
  • How to Save on Clothing
  • How to save on Groceries
  • How to save on Vacations
  • How to Save on Prescription Drugs